Why This App?

Balance Control: Adjust the piano and audio separately.

Music Chest: Super simple PlayList. Add your music, repeat it. Create these PlayLists right on your device. No need for iTunes. Edit songs before they play. As in mute, sync, balance, and master volume, and of course playback order. App will not play other PlayLists. It will only play PlayLists which have been created with its Music.

Schedule: Program the piano to play up to 3 times a day. Schedule from a drawer from the Music Chest, or schedule to have PD Radio turn on.

PianoDisc Radio: Stream free music to your piano. This is now better than ever. Very simple. Very fast. You piano can be set up two ways: Either it's part of your home network, or it's set up as its own network. For PD Radio, the piano must be part of your home network. This app doesn't control content or availability. If content is on-line and working, the app simply streams it. If you can figure it out, you could actually create your own radio station, and upload your own content and then stream it to your piano. In settings, you can enter the URL that you'd like the app to go to. You can also enter your own URL for YouTube.

Limits: Programmable upper/lower limits for piano/audio. Prevent piano from turning off when it gets turned down. Prevent piano from playing with too much force.

Mute: Turn off piano or audio during a performance.

Mute Recall: Program the audio of a song to turn off. Do this to songs which are piano only. Sometimes the audio track will bleed unwanted fax like sounds through the speaker. This feature fixes that problem.

Level Recall:  Store your audio settings for each and every song. When the song plays again, those settings are recalled. As in master volume, piano/audio balance. Turn this on or off in Settings.

Simple Sync: If the piano and audio aren't in sync with each other, adjust them until they are with sync control. (If a song or album is off, adjust sync to about +64mS. Go to Settings to turn this on.

Shuffle: Have the piano jump around iTunes music on your phone or music in a drawer.

OPTIMIZE (New Feature)
Touch to set highs and lows for piano and audio for a particular song. Rename a song. Mute the speaker for a particular song. When Master is not in Main, Optimize gives you even more control over a song or album, but having Master in Main is nice because it's very fast. Basically this allows you to fine tune each album. The dynamic range of your speaker is much larger than the dynamic range of your piano. By using the optimize feature, you can remove the Master volume control from the Main screen. You can then adjust the speaker low to match the piano low. After that, you can adjust the speaker to the piano high. This way you create beautiful windows of operation or volume ranges.

YouTube (New Feature) This is a link which takes the user to PianoTube Live on YouTube. This link is customizable from within Settings. You could actually create your own music using PianoDisc's MusiConnect, and then upload it to your own Youtube channel and then stream it to your piano.

Mute Audio: Tap icon to mute Speaker
Audio Volume
Scroll window. Easily slide through all of the music on your device. Tap to open CD cover.
Piano Volume
Default View of Main Page: Click on buttons for more info.
Mute Piano: Tap icon to mute piano.
PianoDisc Remote WILL DO:
*Work with AirPort Express
*Work with Apple TV
*Hard-wired with 1/8" mini cable
*Work with BlueTooth
*Will run on an iPad however this version is for iPod
*Will stream your own MusiConnect files.
PianoDisc Remote WON'T DO:
*Will not work with Opus
*Will not work with PDS128, or PDS228
*Will not work with Home Share (Only plays music on your device)
*Will not work with Sonos
Won't control youtube, will stream it. (No balance control)
Won't control PianoDisc Movies
Keep in mind...
*iPad version coming soon
*All future updates of the app free once purchased
*Use the Music Chest to create PlayLists. The app will not play playlists created outside of it.
*Will work with iPad and iPad mini---however, optimized for iPhone5
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How do you get music onto your apple device? Most people use iTunes. However, if you want something a heck of a lot easier to use and doesn't require a username and password, then download a free program called CopyTrans!!
If you have this box, turn up the P and A buttons all the way while using the App. 
You'll see pictures of these boxes throughout the site. You DON'T need one, but they do come in handy if you want to watch PianoDisc Movies or Youtube content. The app will NOT control youtube content or PianoDisc movies. This box gives you balance control over ANY source. If you want the box and the app, simply turn up the box all the way when using the app. This removes it from the circuit. Click on box for more info.
If you hear a squeal coming through your piano speaker click here...
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Balance Control
Simple Interface
Schedule Piano To Play
Sync Control
Music Chest (Play List)
Airplay Icon on Main Screen
Simple PianoDisc Radio
Easy Access to YouTube Videos
Level and Mute Recall
Optimize piano and audio for individual songs and albums
Thank you for visiting this page. PianoDisc Remote (iphone/ipod) for iQ is a very powerful iOS based app which gives you absolute control over your PianoDisc iQ Player System. This app will not access music using Home Share.  It will only play music which is ON your device. This app doesn't work with PianoDisc's CD Player or PDS128 or PDS228. This app will not work with the Opus system. This app is for iQ ONLY. It works with Apple TV, Airport Express. There are two versions of the app: iPad and iPhone. Purchase them separately. Once purchased, either version of the app can be downloaded to any of your devices. With your purchase, all future updates are free. IPhone version of app works beautifully on iPhone6. The app will work wirelessly through your home's WiFi or directly with AirPort Express when it's set up as its own network or configured as part of your home wifi network. The app will also work when your device has been hard-wired to your piano with a 1/8" stereo mini cable. App will also transmit via BlueTooth to your piano (Wifi is recommended). Once you purchase this app, all future updates are free. 
We are constantly striving to perfect this app. Please let us know if you find any bugs or issues. Thanks... hayesiq@gmail.com