Music Chest:  A very simply kind of PlayList.
This button takes you to this Music Chest.
This is just a very simply PlayList that we call Music Chest. Here you can open up a drawer and dump a bunch of music in that drawer. You can then edit each song and schedule that drawer to play.
The Chest has 8 drawers. We will add more in the future.
Touch a Drawer and the page opens up and looks like this:
Touch "Untitled". Now name the Drawer whatever you want.
Now start adding music. You can add individual songs or entire albums.
Repeat the contents of your Drawer if you like.
Note: If you touch the Repeat button, the contents of your drawer will loop or repeat. When the contents are looping, the name of the drawer will scroll across the name tag on the front of the drawer in Main.
So here is your drawer. It's ready to go. Notice that the Repeat button is Blue which mean's it's on. The contents of the drawer will repeat indefinitely. Remember if "Recall Levels" is on in Settings, you can go through and just listen to a few seconds of each song. Quickly adjust the master volume, and adjust the balance for each song. Also remember that you can now schedule this drawer to play automatically.