Hello, my name is Richie Hayes I am a PianoDisc Technician. I make a small "Balance Control Box" which you can see below. This box allows you to easily adjust the balance between the Piano and the Audio while you're listening to a performance on your PianoDisc iQ system. The beauty of this box is that it will work with ANY audio source. Even if the source is streaming from AirPort Express, Apple TV, Home Share, a laptop, a DVD player, or an Android device. It works with everything that you could possibly imagine. It comes in handy having instant control right there so close. Sometimes it's nice just to have two small knobs to adjust instead of dealing with software. Speaking of which, there is an App for your PianoDisc iQ player. It's called PianoDisc Remote App. This mechanical box actually led to the app. The app essentially does the same thing and a whole bunch more. The biggest drawback with the app is that it will only provide balance control for music that is on your Apple device. It won't work with anything else except for PianoDisc Radio. If you decide to get the app as well as this box, simply turn the volume knobs on the box all the way up. That way the app doesn't even "see" the box. The box also has volume limit control. This comes in handy because sometimes the signal that makes it to the box is just too hot. This box allows you to turn down that signal a little and balance it before the knobs on the front mess with it. Basically, the box has two volume controls on the back, and two on the front. The ones on the back can be adjusted so that the ones on the front work even better. Hopefully that makes sense! Watch the video below and you'll see how the box works.
Balance Control Box works with great with AppleTV
Balance Control and Soundbar
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You're looking at PianoDisc Remote App on the iPod below click on it to learn more.
TO Speakers
Audio High Volume Limit Adjustment
Piano High Volume Limit Adjustment
Skip to 3:00 to see box. Box in video has a switch on the back, the one on this page doesn't. Besides the switch the boxes are identical. Video courtesy of Russell from PianoOutlet.com
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